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Best Hardware For Your Gaming PC

A fully functioning gaming PC requires 7 major components to power on: a processor, motherboard, CPU cooler, hard drive, power supply, RAM, and a case to hold it all together. On top of these components, you can choose to include optional components such as LED screens or temperature gauges that can be installed within your system. Gaming PC’s are highly customizable which can make building a PC feel overwhelming. 

In this page, we will gather as many components to review so that you can make the best choice possible when building your custom PC. We choose our components by finding parts that have amassed many reviews and can be confidently installed in any machine. If we choose to review a low quality component, it will be to inform you of why it received low ratings.

Best Processor

Best Motherboard

Best CPU Cooler

Best Hard Drive

Best Memory

Best Power Supply

Best PC Case

Optional Upgrades

Under optional upgrades, you’ll find hardware that can be added to your system. Some of these upgrades can help better monitor your computer by adding teperature gauges or monitors to display hardware infromation. You can also choose to upgrade your PC with aesthetically pleasing hardware such as case lighting. These components are not necessary for your gaming computer to function but they can improve your experience.

Case Lighting

Internal Monitors

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