How to Maintain High FPS in Any Game

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What is FPS and why should I care? The FPS that we will be discussing stands for Frames Per Second and we care because a high FPS can give you that competitive advantage over the filthy casual that decided to challenge you. In this post, we will go over a few tips, tricks, and pointers on how to improve your FPS numbers!

You may ask yourself, “If I buy a super turbo mega awesome computer from Player 1 Customs, do I have to read any of this?!” The appropriate response to this question would be, “Don’t be a noob. Educate yo self before you get rekt son!” FPS is a topic any competitive gamer should be well aware of. When you’re watching yourself in the Kill Cam being sniped by the enemy team, you’re going to wish you had that split second advantage to see that shot coming instead of blaming the lag like a filthy casual. In this post, you will gain a few tips and ideas on how you can improve your gaming experience in a couple of free and simple steps.

Delete Temporary Files:

Start -> Right Click On: Local Disk (C:) -> Select Properties -> Click On: Disk Cleanup -> Check All Boxes (These are temporary files taking up space) -> Click On: Ok -> Click On: Delete Files

Temporary files can take up a lot of space if you use your PC occasionally. Temporary files can come from download locations, or browser history. This data is very small in size but in time can slow your performance. Even if high FPS isn’t your goal, clearing your system of any unnecessary files will always increase your PC’s overall performance.

Error Checking Hard Drive:

In the same Local Disk (C) Properties window -> Click On The Tab: Tools -> Click On: Check (for error checking and ensuring hardware functionality)

Although this step may not improve performance, it’s always a good idea to error check to be aware of or prevent any issues your hard drive may have.


After error checking your disk -> Click On: Optimize -> Make sure the (C:) is selected -> Click On: Optimize

Optimizing your system will organize your data in a way that will make your computer retrieve data more easily.

System Set to High Performance:

Press the Windows Key -> Search for Control Panel -> On the top right of the window, Search for Power Options -> Click On: Power Options -> Select: High Performance instead of Balanced (Balanced is recommended but we’re gamers so were cool enough to ignore that)

On the top right of the window, Search for Advanced System Settings -> Click On: View advanced system settings -> Clack on Tab: Advanced -> Click On: Settings under Performance -> Select: Adjust for best performance -> Click On: Apply -> Click On: Ok

Your Windows may look funky or outdated at this point, however, you are sacrificing beauty for performance at this point. These options are of course reversible if you go back and select the original option.

Delete More Temp Files:

Press and Hold the Windows + R Keys -> In the Run window, Type in: %temp% and Click On: OK -> Press the CTRL + A Keys to select all items in the folder -> Press Delete key and delete these files (These are temporary files. Some may be in use by current open applications and you will not be able to delete the file at this time. Feel free to Click On: Skip)

Temporary files come in many shapes and forms and in several locations. Make sure to delete as many as you can. Depending on your last cleanup, you may have more than a few items to delete.

Download Free Software That Actually Works:

1) CCleaner:

CCleaner is a program that analyzes and cleans your computer by permanently deleting temporary files and other unnecessary data. The program analyzer is customizable so you can avoid deleting any data you wish to keep. CCleaner is highly recommendable and is primarily used in routine PC tune ups.

2) Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is a free program that requires you to sign up for free in order to use it. Once you have installed it, sign in and look for your game. If you do not see your game, you will have to click on the plus sign. You will then browse for your game and click on it. This will add the game to the Razer Cortex library and you will be able to run your game from here at any time. The purpose of using this program to run your games is because this program pauses any other unnecessary scripts or programs that may take up resources while you game.

Customize Your Game Settings:

Last but not least, you will have to update your game display settings to optimize your gameplay. To ensure the highest possible FPS rating, you will have to set your quality settings to low. Unfortunately, this will sacrifice the more detailed look and give you basic but responsive graphics. Depending on your computer parts, you may be play around with higher quality settings and not lose too much FPS in the process.

We hope you found this blog post useful. Having a higher FPS does not necessarily mean you will win every game but you will have the resources the job done. If you have any suggestions on a guide, tutorial or topic in general you would like for us to discuss, feel free to message us at [email protected].

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