Watercooled RTX 3070 Intel 12th Gen Custom Gaming PC

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Custom Gaming Computer Builds, Hardware, Streamers

This custom gaming PC was built by Azteckingwood. Azteckingwood is a Twitch streamer and a good friend of mine that plays Apex Legends and other FPS games. From time to time, however, he receives a request for a custom gaming PC. As a gaming PC enthusiast myself, I love seeing the builds my friends create.

The computer he built today was commissioned by a good friend of his. Originally, he saw a video on YouTube as inspiration. And with that, Azteckingwood helped plan this beautiful PC. With a budget of about $2300, the owner of this PC wanted a gaming PC that can run the hottest AAA games on ultra settings. He is currently preparing his game room for the ultimate setup so this computer needs to be 4k resolution friendly!


This PC was assembled with the following components: 

The Reason We Chose The i7 12th Gen Processor

This PC build uses the 12th generation Intel i7 processor. The AMD equivalent would have been the Ryzen 7 5800x. Personally, I became a fan of AMD when Ryzen was released, however, in this case, the Intel i7 is the better option. In comparison, the AMD CPU has 8 cores while the i7 carries 12 cores. AMD certainly has strong overclocking capabilities but the i7 can handle a larger load. There is a $100 difference between the two so paying more does mean receiving more. 

The Storage Strategy For This PC

This build carries 2 storage devices. A 2TB m.2 SSD and an additional 500GD m.2 SSD. Although this PC is capable of a RAID configuration, it was not necessary. The main drive, the 500GB m.2 SSD, will act as the storage for all programs and games. This will ensure that data is retrieved and processed on the faster drive. Any additional data such as pictures, videos, documents, or old game data can go on the larger drive. The general rule is, anything that is used constantly should go on the main drive to avoid lag or waiting time.

A beautiful feature about the motherboard for this build is that it is capable of running 4 m.2 drives. The client decided that before buying additional standard HDD drives, he will fill the m.2 slots. With 4 slots, there’s no reason to struggle with slow drives just yet. 

What Future Upgrades Will This PC Need?

With the current components, it will be about another 5 years before any upgrades are even necessary for this computer. However, just like everything else in the world, there is always room for improvement. 

One of the first items to upgrade in any PC is RAM. In this case, we have 2 16GB DDR4-3600. In all honesty, this one was on sale at the time of purchase. Performance-wise, it hits halfway of what the motherboard is capable of. The max memory supported by this motherboard is 128GB with speeds of up to DDR4-5333 (OC). As you can see, there is plenty of room for upgrades for the future.

We Love The Aesthetics

Overall, the combination between RAM, motherboard, case, graphics card, and AIO cooler brings this computer together. The lighting provides a cool and mesmerizing range of colors with no sound at all! 

How Is This Computer’s Performance?

Unfortunately, we were not able to witness its overclocking capabilities. However, after installing all of the necessary programs, we saw a cool and consistent 28 degrees Celsius. In general, a PC in the 40-50 degree Celsius range is considered nice and cool while 60 degrees Celsius and up could be harmful to your computer. Staying below the recommended temperature is a great indicator that this PC has immense potential! This build still has room for more RAM, more water cooling, and overclocking is still available! Azteckingwood is incredibly proud of this computer build and I can see why.

Our Conclusion

Overall, this was a pretty fun computer to build for Azteckingwood. The budget alone is enough to make any gamer anxious with high expectations. In regards to this computer build, I believe it is safe to say that it met all expectations with room to grow as well. After all, we haven’t seen its final form yet!

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