What’s the absolute best power supply for your Gaming PC?

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To choose the best power supply for your gaming computer, you will first need to take into account all of the parts that will be included as well as the parts that could potentially be added. Gaming computers can typically undergo the following upgrades:

  • RAM
  • Graphics Card
  • Liquid cooling installation
  • Additional storage 
  • Lighting installation

These upgrades will require your power supply to handle the additional power consumption. Future proofing your gaming computer will require a few extra wattages if you want your computer to live s long time. 

Semi Modular VS Non Modular VS Fully Modular

The biggest difference between modular and non modular is cable management. 

Non Modular power supplies are usually the best price per wattage. However, they come with preset cables that cannot be removed. For a minimal build that won’t require more cables for upgrades, this is the best option. Most entry level or low budget gaming computers come with a non modular power supply. 

Semi Modular power supplies easier to manage. Although they come with a preset cable for the motherboard, the rest of the cables are detachable. This makes it perfect for computers that may not have a certain component at the time they’re built but will have it installed later on. Semi modular power supplies typically come with an extra set of cables for storage or device addons. The cables you receive will depend on the wattage and rating of your power supply. Platinum rated power supplies will come with additional cables for more addons compared to a bronze rated power supply. 

Fully Modular power supplies are the most cable management friendly power supplies. Everything is detachable and you have full control over which cables to include in your PC. They are the most expensive option but less clutter can also increase performance. Too many cables and objects within your computer can obstruct airflow. When you’re using a gaming computer for hours consistently, bad airflow becomes noticeable when your computer starts to lag. Heat is the main killer for computers. Cable management is important!


Fully Modular and semi modular power supplies can be laced and customized to match your computer’s theme. There are a few companies out there that provide paracord sleeving for your gaming computer cables. Gaming PC enthusiast have gotten into the trend to give their computers a theme. With paracord sleeving, you can create patterns to match your case or components.

Overall, the main difference between modular and non modular is, again, cable management. Typically, most low budget builds will carry a non-modular, mid-tier builds will carry a semi-modular, and high end gaming computers usually carry fully modular power supplies. Power supplies rely mainly on the budget, goal for the gaming PC, and how long you hope to make your computer last. 

Which is the best Rating?

Power supplies come with a resistance rating to signify the quality of the part. The tiers range from Bronze, Gold, or Platinum. As electricity runs the power supply, there are components that store and disperse the wattage. A power supply uses resistors to manage the surge of electricity. However, if the surge of electricity were to overwhelm the resistor, this could cause a short circuit anywhere within the PC. 

Causes of power surges can include power outages, thunderstorms, lack of surge protectors, or an abrupt shut down. Selecting a power supply with a high rating can be investment that protects you from future stress and anxiety of losing your data. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, to choose the best power supply, you will need to calculate the wattage your gaming PC consumes. Then, you will need to filter the ones within your budget. From there, you will need to decide how long you plan to use your PC for and which upgrades you will want in the future. A solid rating will ensure longevity and always aim for a bit more wattage than you need. It’s always better to have more power than not enough. 

Check out our list of top rated power supplies. We provide a list based on their wattage, pricing, and rating. 

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