13 Must-Have Accessories to Improve Your Gaming Lifestyle

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As a gamer, I get tired of the normal and typical decor you find in your average household. I yearn for flashing lights and useful gadgets to get more out of my gameplay. After all, everyone knows RGB features make computers run faster (Not really. This is the equivalent to painting flames on your car for more speed). Anyways, to make my office a little more interesting, here are a few fun and wacky accessories I recommend. Adding these to your gaming room will definitely take your game up a notch!

Triangle Light Panels for Wall Decor

At some point, triangle light panels became a must-have for any gamer room setup. They are completely customizable from a wide variety color spectrum to choose form to the formation of the panels themselves. You are able to create any mood by rearranging the patterns or changing the light sequence through your phone. If I had to guess, I believe Twitch streamers made these decor pieces popular. Whether or not that may be the case, these light panels make an awesome addition to any room.

The Pros

  • Can be rearranged in different patterns
  • Wide color spectrum range
  • App and Voice Controlled
  • 20+ Preset scenes available
  • 10ft Power cord for easy placement
  • Lighting reacts to your music and game audio if connected


The Cons

  • Price
  • Reviews mention connecting panels together is difficult. Needs additional support to keep panels firmly together such as tape or wall mounts

Cable Management Sleeve 19-20 Inch Cord Organizer System with Zipper

I currently run a 3 monitor setup on my gaming computer. This means I have 3 sets of power and display cables leading to PC along with other cables such as light, mouse, keyboard, etc. I’m sure others share the burden of managing their cables. Fortunately, products like this cable organizer sleeve exist. A bit on the bulky side, it does cover all of my cables in one quick go. A pack of 4 makes it really convenient for cable management throughout my house. 

The Pros

  • Holds large number of cables
  • Pretty durable


The Cons

  • One thick cable
  • Harder to bend as you add more cables

Cable Clips,16 Pack Black Adhesive Cord Holders, Ideal Cable Cords Management

If cable sleeves are too bulky or noticeable, cable clips might the better alternative for you. Cable clips are easy to hide behind hardware and makes it easier to route cables than a sleeve. These aren’t even a gamer exclusive item. Cable clips are a general necesity in any household. The sleek design feels like it elevates the value of your cable management. 

The Pros

  • Create any cable routing pattern
  • Multi-cord holders for large gatherings


The Cons

  • Does not hold thick cables
  • Has a limit of 4 cables on the largest clip

Wireless Gaming Controller, Dual-Vibration Joystick Gamepad

If you’re a PC gamer, a controller is a necessary tool to add to your arsenal. Of course a controller is not necessary. Most gamers will argue that a mouse is significantly faster and reactive than a controller would be. A lot of games provide aim assist for controllers and it may still be an uneven matchup against a mouse user. However, sometimes, I simply like to play casually. Playing with a controller just feels natural from my childhood days of playing on the classic consoles. It also helps when I bring over friends who don{t play games as extensively as me. For those reasons, a controller belongs on this list! The benefit to choosing this controller over the Xbox version is the wireless capability. Although the Xbox controller may be built with higher quality parts, this controller comes with it{s own wireless dongle to connect to a PC. Xbox controllers require a wired connection if they are intended for PC. The price point in comparison also makes this controller a valid option. 

The Pros

  • Price Point
  • Wireless Dongle
  • Compatible with Playstation
  • Great for friends-family


The Cons

  • Flimsier than an Xbox controller
  • Does no specify if it’s Xbox compatible

Xbox Core Wireless Controller

The Xbox controller is a reliable piece of equipment for a gamer. As a Microsoft product, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a durable product. The Xbox controllers I{ve held always had a bit of weight and toughness to them. I{ve had my controllers since the release of the Xbox One and I have not had to replace a single one. My joysticks are functional and they{re still responsive as they were on day one. In comparison to the previously mentioned controller, both are great options. The unfortunate side to an Xbox controller for PC gaming is that it requires a wired connection. Without that feature, the argument now is do you want a durable product vs a wireless one. For an XBox controller, the ash solution is to get a 10ft and up cable. But it{s hard to beat the clutter less benefit that comes with a wireless controller. Since there is no clear winner in this comparison, I decided to include both controllers on the list.

The Pros

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Reliable brand
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible with Xbox One


The Cons

  • Wired connection for PC
  • Not compatible with Playstation consoles

Extended RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

The reason this gaming mouse pad made the list of fun and wacky gadgets is because of the educational benefits it provides. This gaming mouse pad features a map of the world on top of the RGB accents. You can enjoy the benefit of learning your continents and regions while gaming on a regular basis. Invest in subliminal learning by decorating your gaming room with educational and visually pleasing decor. With the competitive spirit inside every gamer, you may be tempted to conquer the world after playing a good game. 

The Pros

  • Accurate Geography Map
  • RGB Accents
  • Waterproof
  • Non-geography related variations available


The Cons

  • USB Power Source (Wired Connection)

Japanese Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Japanese decor has always been widely accepted within the gaming community. There are many designs for gaming mouse pads online. However, the beautiful paintings within this listing were enough to convince me they belong on this list. These mouse pads don{t have any RGB features ad they are plain and simple mouse pads. But the serenity that these images represent might be enough to keep gamers calm and level headed while gaming. 

The Pros

  • Beautiful Japanese Artwork Options


The Cons

  • No RGB features -.-

3D Printed Customized Keypad with Analog Thumbstick and 26 Programmable Keys for Left Hand

As I was searching for must-have items, I came across this interesting programmable thumbstick. The design really stood out and from the reviews it has received, it performs as intended. It seems that people who played console before switching to keyboard had a much smoother transition when using this thumbstick. It may not be an absolute necessity to improve your gameplay. However, thumbsticks in general have an analog stick that helps gamers feel like they’re still using a controller. If you’re beginning to get into computer gaming or you want to make your day more interesting, I recommend this thumbstick to improve your gaming lifestyle!

The Pros

  • Interesting design
  • Analog stick for gaming
  • Keypad provides additional keys for more macros


The Cons

  • Can be broken if impacted too hard
  • Design might be difficult to travel with

Ergonomic Iron Man Wireless Computer Mouse for Kids

A list of wacky gadgets needs to include superhero gadgets! This Iron Man based mouse is a perfect addition to this list.Iron Man’s helmet is a perfect computer mouse. It does require 2 AAA batteries to operate. However, that’s an easy price to pay for a stylish wireless mouse. If you don’t care much about design and want something wireless and cheap, this Iron Man Wireless Mouse is a solid contender!

The Pros

  • Wireless (50ft range)
  • Iron Man Design
  • 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI settings available
  • USB receiver


The Cons

  • 2 AAA batteries required

  • No additional keys for macros

Mouse Bungee, Gaming Mouse Cord Holder Controller

A mouse bungee is one of those products that I had no idea existed but it adds a little extra to your gaming experience. There have been too many moments that I recall pulling my mouse cable because too much fell back. The extra pull from the weight of the cable falling always made me feel like I could be slightly more accurate with the mouse. That was until I saw this mouse bungee. It holds your mouse cable closer so that you don’t feel any resistance while moving your mouse around. It’s simple yet genius! The 2 additional USB ports and 1x Type-C port make this even more handy. I don’t think purchasing this item will put you in first place in every game. But it certainly makes life easier as I use my computer and that’s good enough for me. 

The Pros

  • 2x USB Ports

  • 1x Type-C Port

  • Multicolor RGB options


The Cons

  • Mouse bungees raise the cable. You’ll need desk space for this item

Keyboard Cleaning Brush

Over time, keyboards gather dirt, dust, and crumbs. This debris can sometimes be enough to invite unwanted guests such as insects. It can also be a bit awkward when you’re moving your keyboard around and crumbs seem to fall out of your keys endlessly. Anyone who eats at their desks has probably experienced this. Fortunately, that is what these multi-function brushes were made for. This brush carries multiple tools to remove crumbs or dirt from any surface. I purchased one of these and have used it for all of my computers. It comes in handy when cleaning my keyboards and I use the corner rubber end to remove dirt from the monitor bezel. The same applies to my laptop. This small brush is truly a must have for computer maintenance in general. 

The Pros

  • Brush for cleaning

  • Rubber end for removing dirt

  • Screwdriver Tip Included

  • Precise Cleaning

  • Fits in most places for travelling


The Cons

  • Small. Requires precision cleaning

Keyboard Cleaning Putty

Cleaning putty is an interesting cleaning tool. I personally am not fond of sticky or wet items, however, I do have a friend who loves the stuff. The texture is fun to play with and it has the added bonus of cleaning your keyboard or any flat surface for that matter. Although I’d rather stick to my multi-functional brush, my friend would choose the cleaning putty 10 out of 10 times. If you’re like my strange friend, this may be the better cleaning tool for you.

The Pros

  • Cleans flat or bumpy surfaces

  • Reusable

  • Sticky Texture


The Cons

  • Sticky Texture (again)

Retro Typewriter Keyboard, 7KEYS Electric Typewriter Vintage with Upgraded Mechanical Bluetooth

There are tons of different types of keyboards on the market today. Mechanical, Wireless, extra keys for macros, and more. However, for this list, I decided to include a more vintage-like keyboard. I personally was born when typewriters were becoming obsolete. I was fortunate enough to use one before their untimely departure and I must say, storytelling on a typewriter has a different mood altogether. Maybe it’s due to all of the Hollywood movies that included a typewriter. Most had a brooding intellectual writer behind those keystrokes. Or every scene with a typewriter was usually dark with ambient lighting which was perfect for a creative environment. Whatever the case may be, writing with a typewriter makes it easier to tap into anyone’s inner storyteller. For any gamers with a writer’s spirit, this may be the perfect keyboard for you!

If you want to read about more typewriter keyboards, check out our article 5 Mechanical Typewriter Keyboard That Create Nostalgia. We talk about different keyboaard options and their connection types. 

The Pros

  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • Mechanical keys
  • Knob for brightness
  • Knob for volume
  • Micro-USB Port


The Cons

  • Sticky Texture (again)

TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender Covers Up to 1500 Sq.ft and 25 Devices, Up to 1200Mbps Dual Band WiFi Booster Repeater

Wi-Fi extenders are extremely useful devices that can boost the signal of your Wi-Fi network. They are perfect for large homes or offices where the Wi-Fi signal is not strong enough to reach all areas. Most Wi-Fi extenders come with an easy-to-use setup wizard that will help you get them up and running in minutes.

The Pros

  • Extend the range of your Wifi capabilities
  • Phone App for Managing Devices
  • Give any room access to the internet


The Cons

  • Limited range depending on your device

In Conclusion

Gadgets are fun. There’s no denying that. They add a level of excitement and interest to our lives, making mundane tasks more enjoyable. But gadgets also serve a practical purpose by improving our productivity and efficiency. In the case of gaming, gadgets can help improve our gameplay experience by adding features or enhancing existing ones. Whether you’re looking for flashy lights or helpful tools, there is definitely a gadget out there perfect for elevating your gaming lifestyle!

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